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Whether you are new to the practice or we have been caring for your children for years, it is our pleasure and honor to care for your family. We are proud of the practice and are pleased you have selected us. Our site is organized into several sections with useful information for both existing and prospective patients.

Holiday Hours

We hope everyone is enjoying the summer season. We would like to take this opportunity to remind all of our families that we are available to help and serve your needs during the holiday weekend. Please see below our office hours during the upcoming Fourth of July Holiday. Also remember that throughout the entire year our doctors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you even if the office is not open. We can provide your family advice and information over the phone as needed.

Friday July 3, 2015 both offices are open. There will be walk-in, which is for sick children only from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. in both locations. The office will also be open for physical exams (scheduled in advance), newborn visits, re-check appointments and any sick children who need to be seen. If your child is sick and you cannot make the walk-in hour, please call our office at 8:30 a.m. to schedule an appointment for the day.

Saturday, July 4, 2015 there will be a doctor on call to answer any questions or concerns. The doctor will also be able to make arrangements to see your child in the office if necessary during the morning hours. There are no walk-in hours this Saturday or Sundays.

Sunday, July 5, 2015 there will be a doctor on call to answer any questions or concerns. The doctor will also be able to make arrangements to see your child in the office if necessary during the morning hours. There are no walk-in hours on this Saturday or Sundays.

Medical Alerts

Measles Update – 2/4/2015

Dear Stamford Pediatric Families, Many of you may have heard about the Measles outbreak in California and other western states. The outbreak has officially reached the Northeast. The CDC is askingREAD MORE


Book of the Month – Chrysanthemum

Reading Aloud: A Pathway to Talking about Feelings With Young Children
Fall is officially here, and its cooler days and longer nights provide a great opportunity to curl up and read with your pre-schooler. In my work as a parenting consultant, I often encourage parents to read books with their young children as a way to facilitate discussions about difficult feelings their children may have. Direct conversations about their own feelings are sometimes difficult for children, and books can be a useful aid.
Click here for the full book review.
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New Mom’s Group

The New Mom’s Support Group is a bi-monthly informal meeting for moms of newborns held every other Wednesday from 1 pm to 2 pm in our Darien office. The goal of this group is to assist in making this exciting but scary and exhausting period in a parent’s life as fulfilling as possible and to serve as a support system. It is a place to share concerns, questions, and experiences.
Click here for more info and dates for the upcoming events.

Weather Alerts

There are currently no weather alerts.


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Patient Centered Medical Home

pateint-centered-medical-homeWe are proud to announce that Stamford Pediatric Associates is a Level 3 Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH), as accredited by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). As a NCQA-Recognized medical home we ensure that systems and processes are in place to meet nationally recognized standards for delivering high-quality care. As your medical home, we will work together as a team to meet all your healthcare needs.


Why keep your child in a rear facing car seat until 2 years old? Watch this video and you’ll be convinced!

Safe Sleeping Tips from the AAP – Please click here to download this important flyer.

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