Patient Centered Medical Home


Strengthening the Physician-Patient Relationship

What is a Patient Centered Medical Home?

pateint-centered-medical-homeA Patient Centered Medical Home is a way for us to strengthen the physician-patient relationship by implementing an ongoing relationship for continuous, comprehensive care rather than episodic care. Each patient establishes a relationship with their physician who acts as team leader. As your primary care provider we are most familiar with your child’s health. As the team leader, your child’s physician will be responsible for all health care needs and arranging for appropriate care with other qualified clinicians. Our intention is to provide more individualized, effective and efficient care. A Patient Centered Medical Home provides a template for communication between patients, primary care physicians, staff, and other clinicians.

Your child’s physician will be responsible for all health care needs and arranging for appropriate care with other qualified clinicians

What a Patient Centered Medical Home means for you

  • Each patient and their family have an ongoing relationship with their physician who is trained to provide continuous and comprehensive care.
  • The physician leads a team of individuals at the practice who collectively take responsibility for ongoing patient care.
  • The physician is responsible for providing all of the patients health care needs or for arranging care with other qualified professionals.
  • Our team will make certain the patient and their family feel comfortable with self-management and will provide support in the form of support groups, information about classes and other services.
  • Our Electronic Medical Record System allows for electronic prescribing, follow up on referrals to specialists and tracking down diagnostic and preventative testing/screening in order to notify you of results.
  • Your physician and staff will be available for regular well exams as well as sick and follow up appointments. We will follow up on all concerns that were discussed at previous visits.
  • Your physician will work with you to establish an alternate immunization schedule if our standard schedule does not work for you and your child. Immunes may be given separately, however all patients must be immunized.
  • During your office visits, your physician will listen to your questions and concerns and communicate clearly with you and help you make the best decision for your care. They will also respond promptly to your calls.
  • A team member will be available after hours to address your questions and urgent needs.

What you can do

  • Make sure to communicate with all members about health needs and concerns.
  • Share any updates to medication or family medical history.
  • Tell us when you see another health care provider so we can update our records and include them in our team.
  • Do your best to keep scheduled appointments and reschedule promptly when necessary.
  • Never be afraid to ask questions and contact us if you have questions or concerns.
  • Work with us to develop a plan that works best for your child.
  • Let us know if you don’t receive a call about lab work or test results.
  • Familiarize yourself with all the members of your team.
  • Offer any feedback you may have that will help us to better accommodate your needs and improve our care.

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