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We have received many calls at our office regarding measles and the recent outbreaks.

We would like to provide our patients and families with information regarding this viral disease.


What is measles:  It is a highly contagious virus spread by exposure to droplets from infected individuals.  It is characterized by fever, runny nose, red eyes followed by a rash which typically spreads from head down to the toes.  The incubation period is generally 8-12 days from exposure.  The rash typically occurs several days after the first symptoms appear.  Measles can have serious complications which can affect multiple organ systems including the lungs and brain. At its worst Measles can cause permanent brain damage and death.


Outbreaks: There have been recent outbreaks involving hundreds of individuals in Westchester and  Rockland Counties as well as Brooklyn.  These have been in unvaccinated individuals.


Our policy:  We vaccinate all of the children in our practice.  The vaccine is 93% effective after the first dose and 97% effective after the second dose.  We vaccinate our patients at the 1 yo. and 4-5 yo visits.  For infants who will be at risk for direct exposure due to travel or visiting communities affected by measles, we recommend giving an EXTRA dose of vaccine if the child is greater than 6 mos. of age but not yet one year old.  Please contact the office if your child needs this extra dose.  Please note, the vaccine takes 1-2 weeks to become fully effective.

For more information about Measles please visit as an excellent, reliable source.



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