Telemedicine Virtual Pediatric Appointment!

We are pleased to offer telemedicine virtual visits during regular office hours for sick patients during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Please continue to FIRST call the office if your child is ill.

A virtual visit will allow us to evaluate a patient who should not come to the office in person. This will depend on factors such as your child’s specific symptoms or known exposure to COVID-19.

Telemedicine will allow us as providers to discuss your child’s illness and give your child an interactive real time visual exam. This visit will be billed to your insurance provider. Our providers are allowed to submit these visits to insurance companies, however benefits and coverage vary by your individual plan.

You can schedule a virtual visit by calling our office. You will need to provide a cell phone number. A link will be sent by text which will direct you to our virtual waiting room. One of our Pediatricians will start your visit soon thereafter. When you sign in, please allow access to your microphone and camera so we can see and talk with you!

Prior to Your Appointment

  1. Try to have a flashlight or iPhone flashlight at hand
  2. Have a current temperature taken just prior to the telehealth visit
  3. Be prepared to undress your child as needed.
  4. If you have not had your child weighed recently in the office, try to get a weight as well.
  5. Please sign the consent form below