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Transferring Records to Our Office

In order to provide your child with the best and most comprehensive care, we ask that you have your child’s complete previous medical records sent to our office. It is important that our physicians are able to review the records for your child before the first well visit, so we ask that you get the records to us at least a week before your child’s scheduled physical exam. If you think your child needs to be seen before you have fully transferred paperwork, all we require is the last physical exam and immunizations from the previous practice.

Our physicians feel strongly that reviewing your child’s previous medical record is important, therefore we will be unable to honor a physical exam appointment if we have not received your child’s records ahead of time and will have to cancel the appointment.

We recommend that you contact your child’s previous pediatrician and request your records. They will need you to complete paperwork in order to transfer your records to you or our office. Please note that an office has up to 30 days to release medical records, however in most cases, it should take less than 30 days. Please ask the previous office how long it will take to get your records so you know if your records will arrive a few days before your scheduled physical exam visit. If you need assistance getting your records transferred or have any questions, you may speak with one of our receptionists or our Assistant Office Manager, Cobi Bruggeman during regular business hours by calling 203-324-4109.

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