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24-Hour COVID-19 Pediatric Hotline

Connecticut Children’s Medical Center offers a 24-hour COVID-19 hotline for parents and families:

  • 1-833-226-2362
  • Operated by healthcare professionals
  • Will provide answers to your questions about the pandemic and your children

COVID-19 and Back to School:
Helpful Resources for Your Family

If you have concerns about COVID-19 and transitioning back to school, please consult the helpful resources from the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.

The Back to School Tool Kit has articles on a variety of topics such as:

  • Is it safe to send my child back to school?
  • Is it safe for my child with asthma to go back to school or daycare?
  • How do I get my child comfortable wearing a mask?
  • How can I help my child understand and follow safety precautions in classrooms?
  • How can I prepare and support my child with special needs in their transition back to school?
  • Please see Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital’s webinar to hear from experts in trauma, mental health and infectious diseases answer parents’ questions about the return to school during COVID-19. Watch it here.

COVID-19 Vaccine Information

We have compiled a collection of helpful COVID-19 vaccine information for you and your family to stay informed.

This new page includes helpful updates and articles to help inform parents about the latest vaccine information.

Parenting In A Pandemic: Tips To Keep The Calm At Home

Behavioral Health Kit

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Lots of kids need help right now, but don’t know how to ask. Our pediatric experts share ways to support your child’s mental and emotional well-being every single day – from what to do when they’re struggling to how to build positive habits for a lifetime.

For support navigating mental health supports and resources, contact Connecticut Children’s Center for Care Coordination at 860.837.6200.

If you feel your child is in crisis, or a danger to themselves or others, call 911. In Connecticut, you can also call 211 for emergency or crisis intervention. For free, confidential support from the National Suicide Prevention Life Line, call 1.800.273.8255 or text “HOME” to 741741.


Managing Family Stress During COVID-19

For help managing stress – your child’s, and your own – Connecticut Children’s Injury Prevention Center experts provide advice.

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Is Your Child Struggling With Germ Phobia During COVID-19?

We’re all concerned about getting sick right now. But if your child has an intense fear of germs, and trouble functioning at school or at home because of it, they may be dealing with some degree of germ phobia. Pediatric psychologist Melissa Santos, PhD, shares tips to support them.

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COVID-19 will be with us for a long time. Our offices are committed to keeping you and your family safe and healthy.

We are here for you! Please call us with any questions or concerns. We will get through this together!