COVID-19 Update 4-2-2020

Important Information Regarding Office Safety and NEW FAST TRACK Well Child Visits

How is Stamford Pediatrics keeping patients safe during COVID19?

This has been a stressful time for everyone, particularly because information on the virus is changing every day. The doctors at Stamford Pediatrics are reviewing recommendations by the CDC, The American Academy of Pediatrics, State/Local Health Departments and Stamford Hospital daily to ensure we are up to date on all information. The current precautions and protocols used at our offices are the same as those used at the Stamford Hospital.

Fast Track Check Ups:

We are pleased to offer “fast track” visits as an alternative to traditional well child appointments.  You will experience a streamlined visit with your doctor. During a “fast track” checkup, check in with the front desk will be by phone when you are in the parking lot. The discussion portion of the visit will be done by phone. Your child will come in for the Physical Exam part of the check up and vaccines only. Your doctor will discuss growth, nutrition, sleep, behavior, and any other concerns by telephone after the examination.   Traditional well child visits will still be available, we are offering these as an option for families who would prefer to minimize their time in the office.

What kinds of patients are being seen at the Darien “sick” office?

We are NOT able to see COVID19 sick visits. Our Darien office is for visits other than physicals. However, patients are screened before making appointments and we are not seeing any patients with cough and/or fever or anyone else we suspect may be infected with COVID-19. In order to continue to care for our patients, we are still seeing non-contagious medical issues. The kinds of visits seen in Darien include: injuries, rashes, urinary symptoms, ear pain. If your child is having a medical issue and you are unsure about the best way to get them care, please call our office to speak with one of our doctors.

Will my doctor be wearing a mask?

Yes, all doctors, nurses, and members of the front desk staff will be wearing masks. When your doctor comes into the exam room he or she will be wearing a mask and gloves. All equipment used (i.e. stethoscope) is cleaned before entering the room.

Do I have to bring my child to the Stamford office location for physicals?

We are still seeing well child checks of all ages in our Stamford location as long as child and parent are without symptoms.  The CDC and American Academy of Pediatrics have emphasized it is still essential for young children (ages 5 and younger) to receive their vaccinations throughout this difficult time. Continued vaccination will prevent secondary epidemics such as measles and avoidable diseases such as meningitis in infants.


Do I have to come in to the office to see my doctor?

We are pleased to offer telemedicine visits! Please call and ask for a telehealth visit with one of our providers. At this time we are able to “see” sick children through a telemedicine platform. Telemedicine visits are also appropriate for many types of issues such as ADD rechecks, behavioral issues, chronic constipation etc.

If I come to the Stamford Office, will my family be exposed to sick people?

Until further notice our Stamford office is for well children only, including physicals and shot visits. All patients and parents are screened before coming into our office for symptoms of and exposure to COVID19. Any person that comes in to our office exhibiting sick symptoms of any sort is kindly asked to leave and reschedule.

If I come to the office, how much exposure will my family have to asymptomatic people?

We have virtually eliminated time spent in the waiting room, most patients and their families will not wait at all, instead be directed immediately to an exam room. Exam rooms are cleaned thoroughly in between patients. Our staff members are screened for fever and other symptoms on a daily basis (per Stamford Hospital Protocol). We are also seeing fewer patients at one time in order to minimize the amount of exposure to other well people. We also ask that, when possible, only one parent accompany a child for a visit, leaving other children and family members at home.

What if my child is sick with a contagious illness and is not eligible to come in?

Although we currently cannot see children with cough/fever in either office, we are still caring for ill patients as best we can. Please do call us if your child is sick. We are now offering Telemedicine visits during which we can evaluate your child, discuss treatment, and prescribe medications if necessary. More information can be found on our website.

Can I be tested for COVID19 at Stamford Pediatrics?

At this time we are not testing for COVID19 at our office. If you think your child may need testing we can direct you to local testing facilities.