COVID-19 Update

Children so far have been minimally affected by Coronavirus, but they may serve as carriers of the illness to others (this includes influenza as well).  Coronavirus is a flu like illness which in a minority of cases causes severe respiratory compromise.

As there is currently no treatment for Coronavirus, and testing is highly limited thru the state, we do not need to see your child if you simply suspect they have Coronavirus but are not significantly ill. 

Here is how we have prepared at Stamford Pediatrics, and what you can do to

help us keep everyone safe and healthy:

  • Medical guidelines and information have been changing on a daily basis.  We are regularly attending local and state conferences and information sessions.  We are monitoring CDC reports and guidelines.
  •  IF your child has fever and respiratory symptoms (cough, shortness of breath) AND has been to Italy, Asia, Korea, or Iran in the last 14 days (or any other new level 2 or 3 country by CDC standards), please alert our staff when calling for an appointment.
  • IF you as a parent have been to a high risk country in the last 14 days, AND are experiencing fever and/or respiratory symptoms, PLEASE do not accompany your child to their visit- send a spouse or friend instead.
  •  We are removing all toys other than books from the office to limit exposure to contaminated surfaces- bringing your own books or toys is the safest way to protect your child.
  • We do NOT currently have enough masks to provide to patients (there is a nationwide shortage.) Surgical style “flat” masks do NOT prevent you from exposure to illness, but may help limit spread of secretions if you are ill. If your child is coughing, and you have a mask, we are happy to have them wear it while in the office.
  • We DO NOT AND WILL NOT RECEIVE COVID-19 testing kits in the office, all testing will be done thru a hospital or sent to the state. 
  • GET YOUR FLU SHOT!!! It is not too late if you haven’t already, and the flu is currently our biggest concern. Staying as healthy as possible is the best way to avoid significant disease from other infections.

PREPARE, DO NOT PANIC– review good hand washing techniques with your children (soap and water is fine, no need for antibacterial washes), have them cough/sneeze into elbows, and use soap/water/dilute bleach solutions to clean possibly contaminated surfaces in the house or areas of exposure on the outside (shopping cart handles, plane trays….)To follow daily CDC Coronavirus information click HERE