About National Infant Formula Shortages

Dear Stamford Pediatrics Families,

Regarding the shortage of infant formula, we completely understand your frustration, and we feel just as frustrated and helpless as you do.

Formula samples of all types are nearly depleted in both of our offices with no sign of replenishment in the near future despite our continuing best efforts.

Please read the attached helpful articles from the AAP regarding frequently asked questions about formula alternatives, alternative supply options, imported formulas, etc. Making infant formula from homemade recipes can be extremely dangerous for babies, please see the article referenced below.

Thankfully, the Federal Government is working with manufacturers to alleviate this crisis. The FDA may permit the importation of international formula products. Please follow their guidelines when choosing an imported option. The agency will be curating options and vetting the products for nutritional value and safety records.

Hang in there with us, we hope this will improve significantly in the next few weeks.

– The Doctors and Staff of Stamford Pediatric Associates

General Advice About the Formula Shortages and Alternative Supply Options

Article: With the baby formula shortage, what should I do if I can’t find any?

Article: Are Imported Formulas Safe and Recommended?

Note: The FDA is investigating importing carefully vetted products which have a proven safety history and meet nutritional standards.

Article: The Risks and Dangers of Homemade Infant Formula.